3 easy ways to get cannabis delivered to you on-demand!


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So, you’re looking to get cannabis on demand? Well, we’re here to tell you that your dreams can now become a reality. While there are delivery apps like Grubhub, Doordash and more, these just don’t cut it when it comes to cannabis. Now, these are three easy ways to get cannabis delivered to you on demand.

To start, we need to note a disclaimer that these apps will only work and ring true if cannabis has been legalized in your state. As of this writing on July 18th, 2019, these 11 states have now legalized marijuana: California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Vermont, Oregon, Alaska, Michigan, and most recently, Illinois. (Oh, and if you're in Canada, you’re in luck. Canada has officially legalized marijuana throughout the entire country!)

As we go over these three apps, we’ll round out the scorecard with ratings on several categories (out of 10) including: UX (user experience), ease of use, service area, and competitive advantage.

Eaze, a heavily funded medical cannabis delivery app.

Eaze: Eaze was founded in 2014 and is based in San Francisco. Eaze describes themselves as a “safe, convenient, and affordable access to marijuana as its provides the technology to connect thousands of people to certified individuals (like doctors and dispensaries) allowing them to get marijuana delivered quickly and on-demand.” Eaze can be ordered through either of their two channels: mobile or online. Of the three being mentioned today, Eaze is the most well funded of the 3 after receiving and raising more than $25 million in private equity funding. Furthermore, Eaze raised a Series B round of funding of $13 million. Shortly after, Eaze raised an additional $27 million in venture funding with a total investment amounting to $52 million.

UX: Right off the bat, when you land on the website, you’re met with a clear branding identity with Eaze. Combined with the parallax website functionality and intuitive interface, Eaze, is extremely easy to use. With Eaze, you can head straight to the product you’re looking for or browse within their beautiful design to find a new product for yourself to try. 10

Ease of Use: If you read the above UX comments, you know how we feel about this category. Again, the website is extremely intuitive without having to gateway you into different pages that do not help the customer to the end process, which is purchasing the product/service. You can browse, add to cart, get more info with their info cards upon click, and more without ever signing up for an account first. 10

Service area: Eaze with its massive investments are surely to expand their reach and service area. There is no doubt if its now or in the future, Eaze has a tight grip on the industry. 9

Competitive Advantage: Again, Eaze has the ability to scale extremely quickly due to the multi-million dollar investments. With scalability comes reach and user acquisition which can help them gain more market share against their competitors. If they are smart with their investments and operations, Eaze can no doubt be the #1 leader with a dominant market share. There was a bit of internal leader shakeup but we are sure that can be resolved in the future. 8

Out of 40, we give Eaze a 37.


Nugg, a premier start up in the logistics side of the cannabis industry.

Nugg: Nugg was founded in 2014 and based in Los Angeles. Nugg describes themselves as “providing quick, easy, and professional access to medical marijuana delivery for people in California, and have ambitious plans to offer our services throughout the entire United States.” Nugg provides an online and mobile ordering platform for medical marijuana. Qualified patients can sign up and get verified in minutes through their app. This allows customers who have not been vetted yet to do so easily through the app. This is quite an advantageous offering from Nugg that gives it an edge over its other competitors.

UX: The website has a modern, clean feel to the aesthetic that Nugg is trying to provide. However, upon clicking around, scrolling around, I found things to be a bit out of place, a bit harder to follow, and a slight wall to sign up. The user interface and experience could be a lot better based on how things are positioned and placed. We enjoy the first page with clear and concise information regarding the company. It is presented will in a parallax form. 7

Ease of Use: We feel that Nugg has made it easy buy having outstanding blocks of imagery, text, and info graphics. It takes a wall of inputting your address before you can even get to the product which we think should be reversed. You can browse, add to cart, get more info with their info cards upon click, and more without ever signing up for an account first. Nugg prefers to list the dispensaries first as opposed to the product right out the gate. 8

Service area: Nugg seems to be the up and comer of the three mentioned. Since they are not the originator, nor are they the most well-funded, Nugg has to carve our their own lane. When it comes to service area, like the others, they are only able to operate within legal confines. With that said, they could be behind in proposals in relations to having “ins” with states or legislature due to them not being the first mover or well-funded, compared to Eaze. 9

Competitive Advantage: They are slowly gaining market share by focusing on an advantage they have where you can get a med card in a “quick and simple” manner whether through their app or online. This is genius because it helps acquire a new customer and then the customer will more than likely stick with Nugg, which in turn creates lifetime value for a low customer acquisition cost. 10

Out of 40, we give Nugg a 34.


The originator in cannabis delivery.

SpeedWeed: SpeedWeed was founded in 2011 and based in Los Angeles. Of the three mentioned, SpeedWeed is one of the original first movers in this industry. They claimed to have serviced more than 20,000 clients. Speedweed describes themselves as the originators mentioning they are the “original cannabis delivery service” and is “well-known and trusted” when it comes to cannabis delivery. SpeedWeed looks to only be operating within the California confines of the Los Angeeles and Orange County areas, as that is where most of their customer base resides.

UX: Of the three, SpeedWeed is the clear old school player. From the website design alone, its slightly clunky. It tries to go for the same parallax feeling and design as the others mentioned, but some fundamental design flaws hold it back. Whether its the oval-ish call to action buttons or the video smack dab in the middle without properly filling the screen, its not our favorite design. 6

Ease of Use: SpeedWeed is an OG so they have a grip and knowledge on their industry. We enjoy their well laid out categorization and ease of use when it comes to browsing products. It boasts strong imagery with a great quick view button that pulls up an info card. No complaints here! 10

Service area: SpeedWeed is the originator. On their website, they mention they are the only fully legal cannabis delivery company operating in California. Quite a statement to make! They make it a clear point that they service the California areas well (which is probably where most of their market share is). 10

Competitive Advantage: Again, they are the first mover in this industry and category. The competitive advantage is there if they continue to innovate well and provide great service. 10

Out of 40, we give Nugg a 36

Well, there you have it folks! Thank you for following along. To recap, we crown Eaze, coming in at 37 points out of 40. Followed by SpeedWeed at 36, and Nugg at 34. However, we don’t think you can go wrong with any of these services. If you need cannabis delivered on-demand, be sure to check them all out and see which one is best for you!